The Hidden Mystery Behind Chalets in Sainte Foy

A human mind and body can endure a lot of strain and hardships toiling for the daily bread and butter. Though the capacity of everyone is different, it is imperative that sometime or the other, the mind craves a respite from the daily grind of the routine work. To return the high-strung mind to a relaxed ground state and make it ready for more adversities to come, you must spend your vacation in a peaceful, serene and beautiful natural abode. To enjoy your rest period to the brim and explore the hidden mysteries in the ice-capped scenario, the pristine Alps should be the number one holiday destination on your list.

Sainte Foy

Reside in class and style

You can find many types of accommodations in the highlands of the snowy French Alps. However, there is certain panache in spending your holiday in the Chalets in Sainte Foy within the embrace of the snowy mountain ranges. The best company in charge of the management of your trip must provide you with various options for food, wine, holiday activities, and other vacation proclivities to satiate the wanderlust of your psyche. Any chance of staying in the wooden cabins or log bungalows and enjoying the sparkling moonlight playing a lunar symphony on the ice should not be missed just because of no place to stay. You should choose only the best ski resorts for your justly deserved holidays.


Sainte Foy

Know about the surroundings

It helps to know beforehand a little about the place you’re about to spend your holidays in, and your stay in the regal Chalets in Sainte Foy like Chalet Col du Mont should also be no exception. Filled with natural beauty and a lot of fun activities, you should know about some of the things before visiting the inns in the French Alpine region;

  • Picturesque location

The location of the best snow resort should be within an easily commutable distance from well-known cities so that reaching the inn is easy and comfortable. Choice of other snow resorts must also be available.

  • A diverse choice of menu

The resort of your choice should have multiple options for fish, meat, and cheese in their menu. Collection of best quality wines must also be available with the usual tasty accompaniments.

  • Use of local ingredients

The holiday resort must be inclined to using the local ingredients in their carte du jour so that you can enjoy the flavor and taste of the home-grown cuisine of the place you’ve come to visit.

  • Numerous selections for recreation

The holiday home of your choice must have every type of relaxation prospects at your disposal; starting from the sauna to a refreshing Jacuzzi or a message.

  • Provision of outdoor activities

The ski resort must offer numerous options of outdoor activities in the snow, from skiing to snowboarding and ice-skating. The locality must offer beautifully groomed compacted snow path for skiing of usual holiday visitors and off-piste snow ways for the more practiced ones.

Choice of fine dining

Apart from the kitchen of the hotel, the locality must offer various eateries, inn and restaurants specializing in cuisines of various taste and likings. As the French are renowned worldwide for their food and wine, it is assured that your dinner should be an unforgettable sensory experience. Get in touch with Chalet Col du Mont for the most unforgettable experience!

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